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People’s Movements in Pakistan

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  • Pages: 544
  • Year: 2017, 1st Ed.
  • Binding:  Hardbound
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: The Marginalised Publication



Aslam Khwaja’s State Suppression & People’s Resistance in Pakistan is an impressively researched chronicle of the peoples’ history of Pakistan. Exploring the struggles of peasants, trade unionists, students, the press and women, among others, it describes in rich and fascinating detail various aspects of what is essentially one single striving: for democracy, equality, and justice, if not for basic human rights. For Indian readers, this is a rare and valuable window to an alternative history of Pakistan, providing a vibrant and inspiring picture of the Pakistani people –Nandita Bhavnani


Book is a mine of information about ‘people’s movements,’ and also about the organisations and individuals who struggled for years—often at grave risk to their lives—for justice, democracy and individual and collective rights. Highlighting of the contributions of ordinary Pakistanis who had the great courage to stand up and fight against oppression adds reality to the narrative and fills a major gap in our perception and understanding of Pakistan and its socio-political timber -D.Raja

 Book is about the masses and their struggles, something which is rarely documented. As one of our important neighbor with a shared history of colonization and freedom struggle it is an important chronicle that throws light on the social and political pattern that emerged in a land seeped in feudalism.Analysis of the sacrifices made by a large number of men and women, their successes and failures area lesson to all those who have the courage to pursue their dreams of equality and justice –Dr. Gargi Chakrovorty





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